25 October 2013


If you had really believed in meteorologists 
and machinations of their forsworn agency 
you’d be a case study as a tragic swearing 
to see omens in such bright, sunshiny sky 

It’s the way today, cooler than what’s been 
but why do lurking notions of rain arise? In 
any wish list of hoped for events we’d sure 
as hell welcome the idea of some showers 

That’s a given - but as a 24 hour prophesy 
you’d have to ask who’s kidding whom, for 
gosh sakes, and give us a break, lunacy’s 
too ludicrous a habit to take so lightly 

We need some rain - granted, and wishing 
it into being may well explain the seeing of 
signs propitiously balanced out in the ether, 
either that or we’ve a nut-case forecaster 

I’d say it’s not happening; all signs reigning 
suggest wiser shade-adept compromise at 
best likened to putting up feet upon these 
meteorologist’s immutable fantasies 
© 9 October 2013, I. D. Carswell