05 October 2013

Lauded Loneliness

This isolation isn’t blessed with anything you’d 
consecrate as worthiness, more an antigen for 
misconceived believing self-esteem’s the same 
as popularity, or admiration is acclaimed to be 
what you have deigned to rate, suggesting it’s 
a lauded guess at least acceptable to you; oh, 
golly gee, to rue the choice when it is voiced 
delusion we engendered into truth 

But there you are bereaved, sore of loneliness 
aggrieved by silence which you used to see a 
foil for useless noise; the harmony it wrest of 
conflict now besets a choice of chord - & who 
could rest discordantly at peace attested with 
such mordant lack of modest empathy 
© 23 September 2013, I. D. Carswell