04 October 2013

There Are Other Ways

It was a success; while not one where you’d be eulogised 
or tacitly addressed as ‘guru’ you’re still pleased - it was a 
benchmark you’d set, connect an MFC printer to accept a 
print queue role on the home network. Whew, sounds like 
a lark’s an expected, yet gratuitously fatuous, ugh remark 
so far unvoiced - except no-one knows as yet. Instead I’d 
foresee droll requests for use of our B&W laser being as 
seamless - and quietly, that won’t be easy 

So the day has had some noteworthy bastions breached, 
the security invested in my old PC ceased resisting & let 
my new iMac see and connect, albeit briefly, but cries of 
you bewdy lasted a whole longer as it meant data saved 
from fate only mendicants and failed IT techs anticipate - 
only momentarily however - there are other ways!
© 20 September 2013, I. D. Carswell