01 October 2013

Morning Glory

One of those days you’d only wish to impose 
on your ‘durstest’ enemy, if supposing they’ll 
notice anything but your dour discomfort - or 
be slightly fazed; & noting it’s a tedious week 
after the election garnered irony as strong as 
evidence it will be a Federal farce you’re out 
in the thick of it with a speeding ticket issued 
near Glasshouse on Steve Irwin Way 

Yeah, I was going a bit quick, you agreed - & 
in mute outrage at effrontery of early Sunday 
morning copper’s pinging traders on route to 
the Market at 4:13 am; nah, haven’t been on 
the grog, that was last weekend - geeze you 
must find it boring doing this for a career ... 
© 16 September 2013, I. D. Carswell