30 September 2013

Face It

If ‘Facebook’ is the prudent food of modern age 
whereto with ‘Twitter’ epithets you’ve ‘tweeted’ 
stewed with righteousness, or so you’d thought 
with standpoint of a moral fortress shaped from 
sand; you’ve thumbed your way sagaciously on 
broader topics than a bar-room’s barreled wit - 
and no ceasing to pages of it beeping off smart 
phones and iPad’s in relentless conversation 

So you trade in your usually reliable timepiece 
for iconic organisers to invade personal space 
faster than you’ll dream up insults sufficient to 
stay ahead of this pack you found baying after 
familiar scent which, on reflection, isn’t even 
vaguely like anything you’d want to recollect 
© 24 September 2013, I. D. Carswell