12 October 2013


Early morning and a reluctant sun has yet to 
blue the sky or clear a blanket grey; although 
pink tinges are beginning to show the clouds 
drift, shrinking away below tentative horisons 
like they’re uneasy. It is a pale, wan dawning
no vibrant beginning, just Sun saying - sorry, 
I’ll start again - strike the right chord before I 
open my eyes and gentle away the night 

You mutter easy for you to say blinking blind 
and yawning, stomach protesting, so its just 
another day for your stationary fantasy; we’ll 
be spinning heedlessly, floating around here 
in a closed curve like the onion ring’s cyclic 
slice of reality - and you’ll continue to dream 
© 1 October 2013, I. D. Carswell