11 October 2013

Seeking The Cool

Not tempted to try writing in the spa - okay, 
let’s rephrase that in a way which is closer 
to the fact; tempted, yes, but to try with my 
MacBook Air in hand is bloodymindedness 
even I don’t subscribe to, yet. But the heat 
has beaten better resolve than mine, I see 
two dogs panting in shade which eases an 
idiot’s belief they’ll be cooler there 

I’m no sadist but I guess they’re fooled too 
easily believing the South side’s where the 
relief’s at; still 37 degrees mateys, and me,  
I know the spa’s at 32; that’s advantage to 
me - with or without the Mac!
© 26 September 2013, I. D. Carswell