31 October 2013


Loving unconditionally is to be freed ideas balanced 
on how much is received - there is greater freedom 
declared than being unilaterally emancipated; when 
desperation rears in the eyes of reciprocity freedom 
flees, it impairs one’s capacity to give of oneself - a 
valuation snared in debased currency. The fear love 
will not be returned in the same way tares exchange 
and inflates adversity; it is not the pure love of me 

Where love seeds rare blooms in generous sense a 
peacefulness pervades, there is nothing to lose and 
more is gained by living freely, unobligated, aware a 
stasis exists because the love is free; taints come of 
belief we have to pay for love received - and we do - 
but only by loving unconditionally 
© 15 October 2013, I. D. Carswell