01 November 2013

Things (Your Brain Breathes)

Perhaps choosing a ‘blank’ template explains 
best where I’m creatively at - not yet or again 
besieged by precedent, visually gaudy meme 
or thematic trending array; wasn’t good at it - 
actually couldn’t see using another’s idea for 
creativity gave you carte blanche approval to 
be a bighead and posture heedlessly - okay, 
less demonstrable bad taste as twitish as the 

Rest of ‘em; but adulation’s like cream, a short 
shelf-life with a sour ending - unless you’ve an 
unending supply of creative panache; course I 
didn’t, had to dive deep into a dream reservoir 
to even begin - but there you see uniqueness 
focussed into things your brain breathes 
© 16 October 2013, I. D.Carswell