03 October 2013

Wasn't What

If it wasn’t what we’d liked to think it was - 
quite graphically it was the case occurring 
well before a chase began or ended baited 
breathlessly or caught up in a pace relaxed 
and nearly comatose; was it really sex you 
mused, never mind, so sensuous, arrested 
to a speed as slow as sapid sleep, I liked it 
best, so sleekly warm, voluptuous -  

You sighed agreeably, eyes a-smile; & thus 
we knew the deed was done - cuddles of a 
kind invade to mine the lode’s commodious 
and covetous occasion; hey, you do agree - 
what can I say; if I replied its buried deep 
where dreamers dream in endless sleep 
© 21 September 2013, I. D. Carswell