30 November 2013

B & S Wedding

suggesting you can hide from a past where 
you were a dreamy youth blessed with fair 
to reasonable good looks topped naively in 
a swash of vogue hair stretches credibility; 
but there you were in the 1966 video at an 
old friends wedding, groomsman no less - 
we all looked to be barely in our twenties, 
fashionably dressed - tweaked so chic 

classy lasses everywhere, elegant hats - 
a reminder of times expressing what was 
expected and how to succeed; and fitted 
together so seamlessly you could even be 
accused of piano-dreaming - but there it 
was in sound-sync and sub-titles 

remember it, why yes, not as clear as the 
old footage shows but the faces were real 
as ever and those quaint mannerisms still 
haul coal; no place is safer than gorgeous 
memories reaching deep - baring this old 
man and his much laundered soul 
© 10 November 2013, I. D. Carswell

Beryl and Scotty’s Wedding

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