01 December 2013


Trying today to separate that spirit we say 
is Australian; the ‘quintessence’ with all of 
its roguish charm & off-beat delinquency - 
a curiously ‘provincial’ embeddedness we 
see as a statement you’ll guarantee is the 
real thing: he’s dinkum mate, those aren't 
affectations - true as th’ sun rises in Brizo 
’n bloody sets way out west of Perth 

You’d start to object - hang on a bit mate, 
y’ mean like a bloke who’s from Brizo - or 
Perth? Well I reckon it’s more like bloody 
Orange - y’ know, where if you’re worth a 
quid y’ don’t let on ‘cause the rellies’ll be 
listenin’ ‘n surely pimp on yah 

Nah’s the august reply - not where you’s  
from mate, but where you sound like y’d
been, ‘n if th’ sequence is recognisable it 
hits th’ right keys - a harmony telling you 
it’s okay to converse - banter all ya want, 
and no-one’ll be th’ least bit offended 

© 24 November 2013, I. D. Carswell