23 November 2013


Thirty feet up a tree picking avocados, yeah, 
sounds crazy, but the season’s nearly over & 
you’ve gotta chase the buggers out of reach, 
a case of properly completing a job and then 
the phone rings; some geek wanting to know 
what I think about Campbell Newman’s most 
recent diatribe against the Judiciary. Geeze 
mate I say, who gives a toss 

Here I am balancing on a ladder with a five 
metre picking pole and you want to discuss 
Gollum’s crapulous invective about Judges 
on the revue panel. Yeah he says, its kinda 
germane you and Cammo share something 
so dangerous in very much the same way 

Hey, I cringe, enough of the insults, you’re 
not gonna get me to agree with you there’s 
similarities between me ‘n Gollum - he’s a 
balding ego-tripper tooled by big business 
while I’m not even slightly vexed Judges 
don’t agree with him and his mercenaries 

He listens to his ego’s prognostications on 
what’s fact while th’ rest’s biassed opinion, 
when th’ big cash cows moo a bit outback 
Cammo wont give crap what people think; 
he’s well-laid by by his paid agenda’s own 
propriety brand of familial hypocrisy 
© 24 October 2013, I. D. Carswell