22 November 2013

Sheer Vision

You’d rather not say it offensively but there 
isn’t a way to express an SOS without your 
clanging bells or hooting loudly on horns; if 
too stiff-upper-lip to be seen as demeaning 
oneself adorned in distress flags a-warning 
“Be cautious, travesties afoot, tread warily” 
then step away from the pulpit. Decide you 
care it is a rite of passage for wisdom & wit 

Declare amnesty on trite verse that rhymes 
with compulsive rigour, brighten stars up a 
bit with the view it’s poetry in another form
lights shining vigorously where illumination 
has rare need to declare, or suborn, deeds 
of a sublime pen sketching sheer visions 

And in the fundament we’ll be relieved our 
prejudiced idea of what matters to who by 
sharing passion for words that matter - for 
words dressed with our emotional mien in 
every rainbows’ best expression of all that 
makes us wish to wear the poet’s cape 
© 2 November 2013, I. D. Carswell