16 November 2013


This mess subtlety smoothed before the rakes 
rattled bones - the give-and-take repartee was 
at best faked - although practical jests blessed 
aires of relief; been here before we say like an 
an apology or much used metaphor. So who’s 
chairing our farce today - the agenda reads as 
dismally as a sentence pending. We’ve all got 
to reach agreement. Please. Pleads the Chair 

We’ve all got to be specific what we want is an 
accord with a majority view we may individually 
disagree with, but represents the best medium 
for the least controversy - meaning if you can’t 
agree you must keep your silence discretely, a 
test, if you wish, of our cherished democracy 

That we’re out of our depth doesn’t mean we’ll 
drown in raucous uproar - the door has a sign 
Committee in Session, Silence Please! - so to 
keep faith raise both hands to say ‘yea’, a left 
middle finger to say ‘nay’, or keep ‘em out of 
sight to be counted separately 

© 23 October2013, I. D. Carswell