15 November 2013

Meaty Pie

Four ’n Twenty played a hand in this for sure, 
the Angus Beef and Pepper pie consumed at 
lunch confirmed their flavours are a rare and 
truly grand accompaniment to haute cuisine; 
yeah, you heard it first from me - the epicure 
who hid away an Angus age from finger food 
but these rewrite the holy book on meaty pie 
and mash - of course with peas obliged 

Blackbirds baked could ache an envy juiced 
in goose’s sauce before they’d challenge for 
a place; never in the race I would declare, or 
am I stating needlessly what all can see - an 
over-rated case in regency we’d never let be 
blessed or placed before the King or Queen

© 30 October 2013, I. D. Carswell