07 November 2013


Making admission you’ve been discretely avoiding 
the decision seems almost statesman-like, a there 
y’ go, see, I’m facing up to those realities & honest 
to god, I’m feeling pressure as much you, but then
somehow I have to deal with conflicting interests & 
there’s always no-win contingencies colouring who 
takes which side; and while I don’t want to lose the 
confidence you have in me - it’s a real probability 

So it is a case of what’s best for me - couched in a 
way that sounds like singing adversaries praises in 
concert with patriots passionate & apologists - who 
usually spill blood maintaining it isn’t a charade, in 
muted apoplexy of rage aimed at inertia from the 
bureau-archaic and motionless pan-anarchy 

© 17 October 2013, I. D. Carswell