08 November 2013


A massive upgrade - and if not as it seemed then 
assuaged with decency leaving contentment - an 
hour-half beginning to end, with bewilderment on 
how 5.26 GB disappears into so little space; I will 
learn again all those contingencies which plague 
curves and bends of new ideas - steep in places 
with rapid descents into an anarchy I am familiar 
with - seems I’m born of the same nihilism 

So we play in a novel field with easy icons ceding 
there’s nothing to worry about - yet, or maybe I’m 
seeing difficulties from slower thinking; the bigger 
picture suggests there’s more out there now than 
my insular perspective ever imagined, a bet I can 
win if I chose to leave my bomb-proof sanctuary 

© 28 October 2013, I. D. Carswell