13 November 2013


Is it oxymoronic to say we’re governed by radical 
conservatives? Maybe, but it’s unfortunately true 
that today you stand a greater chance of being a 
miscreant in breach of new legal ordinances you 
never heard of - or imagine being applied ever to 
law-abiding you. Megalomaniacal twits back of it 
don’t give a toss they’ve farcically erred way out 
of any complicity with their stated aims 

They were elected as being balanced in views of 
social needs applying to all equally, yet quietly an 
odious rift tilts the shifts into runaway avalanches 
of draconian legislation; claiming voters gave the 
mandate isn’t true when the seed came from one 
warped source - and after the event 

If it merely were chasing autistic acclaim even an 
oxymoron sees it doesn’t gel; so *’Gollum’ hasn’t 
got the right drift yet - if he’s ever cared to, but his 
agenda secrecy’s a who’s-who-recipe for those in 
the know, and for the rest a malodorous intent on 
the supposed nose of Queensland’s democracy 
© 25 October 2013, I. D. Carswell 

* Campbell Newman, QLD premier