14 November 2013

Oeuvre View

The instructions were clear - enough of your cynical 
tyranny - there’s no gain being so erudite belittling a
few public figures who’ll never read it anyway. Okay; 
so I agree - I beg of my interlocutor, what am I to be 
preoccupied with instead. Too easy, there’s love and 
affection, romance and beauty penned in words that 
flow like honey rolling off the tongue - it is a direction 
you know but don’t accommodate - reasons you say 

pertaining to fears certain to take root in valleys rich 
of innocence - mystically adrift in sinless glossaries 
letting words spawn words instead of deeds, held in 
thrall by shared ambivalence, that pretext of being  
hostage to feelings infinitely more complex than an 
oeuvre view of being so helplessly a tiny person 

© 26 October 2013, I. D. Carswell