25 November 2013

Past-Tense Cant

Too clever by far they say as if clandestinely agreeing 
there’s suffrage there, you’re using too many words a 
reading-impaired aged-pensioner would have to look 
up in a lexicon. Dictionary, you mean dictionary - and 
that’s fair comment even if my claim to regular usage 
dares witness; I only seek a term best expressing my 
feelings on a subject, plus its contribution to rhythms 
and metric beat - and assisting assonance naturally 

They digress, who are you calling an ass-for-nonce - 
hah, nearly had you see, too clever by any measure 
excepting where that sense of humour blackens our 
tapestry; so it’s the past-tense cant then, your ‘back 
t’ th’ boondocks blather’ about meaning, and having 
smothered my words you’re now slathering me 
© 6 November 2013, I. D. Carswell