26 November 2013

Judicial Deference

Thursday’s court of petty sessions, crowded in 
a random queue, seated where a wait ensures 
you’re parted hints of normality & steeped in 
a trough of imperiousness, an 

introverted shades-of-purple scene, of blurred 
jurisdictive diffidence, where pawns decreed 
are excused a purpose other than to keep the 
farce amused or float its immutability, yet  

no clearer message, a covenant of disregard; 
you’re miscreants, currency we earn ruling the 
roost, a hallowed legacy of ancient ‘traditions’ 
you’ll never appreciate, being mere thorns of 

evidence; that lurid irony where ‘we’ and ‘they’ 
are separated by officious security, compulsory 
screening and diminution of pretentiousness 
we’re summarily adjudged to wear, yet tried 

and sentenced unworthy characters for bored 
looks & belches askance; this is burlesque of 
epic trenchancy, do they need release of the 
ascription because they’re us too? - and a 

Magistrate taking herself seriously in a coterie 
of bathos; roles played by her minions make it 
laughably cute. Did she need the farcicality of 
bobbing heads to earn procedural clout, and 

me unmentioned or accused, unneeded for 
the hearing, never interviewed or identified in 
supporting evidence - a challenge she sees 
irredeemable independence - so begone! 

a closed Court decree ensures no role to act, 
banned an attentive end to her one-scene play, 
participation weighed to a 4 hour wait for 30 
seconds of peremptory jurisprudence 

© 8 November 2013, I. D. Carswell