05 November 2013


Finding a perspective to believe in today 
is not giving away amphetamines you’ve 
used without thinking; but it is the end of 
an about-face in renewed bewilderment 
when past technology clings tenaciously; 
thus to successfully play old DVDs thru 
a new HDTV in the lounge using three 
leads entitled PR, PB & Y really elates 

You’d say redundancy is infamy-earned 
fate for not keeping up pace, and I even 
failed explaining why the unused player 
stayed a memento to an age where you 
controlled TVs from the SD/HDD/DVD
player’s remote - so as the upstaged 

Anti-technology-slave-cum-guru of new-
age remonstrance, let it out to dry mate
there’s no bloody way we’d be caught up 
in it - we’re into BBQs, beer & an ability 
to play any old gear whenever, wherever, 
because its especially our damn thing 

© 22 October 2013, I. D. Carswell