09 November 2013

Second TV

Second TV shopping suggests you’ve 
already had kosher exposure, yet this 
game never gets cosier; acronyms of 
u-beaut technology you never heard of 
before and don’t understand set freely 
used advertising traps, giveaways that 
ring bells tinkling lookout, shonky tonk 
probably a-foot here, but - 

Any challenge’s a test and you do know 
what’s wanted; now hours later & ideas 
in extensive web search narrow onto a 
pair of HDTV brands sold nearby, thus 
promising shopping therapy made into 
an insanely & unbelievably easy event 

So we cruise th’ highway free of double 
jeopardy. T’wasn’t spiced in usual doses 
of retail anxiety; prompting “seems too 
much a doddle for real” - in the event it 
needlessly spent a salesman’s energy 
talking up a sale we’d already made 

© 18 October 2013, I. D. Carswell