28 November 2013


If you didn’t make mention of the games we’d
stayed awake to watch or those where arising
4:00 AM meant you’d catch early glory, you’d
be viewed unfaithful to the brotherhood. Well,
you did - and despite your being there seeing
spectacles of grand endeavour there’s an air
of not quite hidden incredulity - is it the same
game and official rules we’re playing here?

A few referees you’re used to whistled or ran
flags but it ended there, northern hemisphere
adjudicated rules have no resemblance to our
understanding, especially where TMO lunacy
determines a foot on the line offence or even
a high tackle rap by colour of jersey

While entertaining it was a bit one-sided. Tho’
wiling away a morning of near patriotic fervour
you’d be hard pressed agreeing referee’s TMO
referrals reduced dodgy decisions - judged by
the intently talked thru’ irrelevant sequences
used which were clearly optical illusions
© 16 November 2013, I. D. Carswell

TMO, Technical Match Official - a referee who 
watches a TV monitor to determine whether or
not an offence has occurred - or if a try is scored