27 November 2013

Mumbai 26/11/08

Mumbai, 26 November 2008, was not the place to be
unless a suicidal Islamic terrorist intent on murdering
innocents, allegedly with Pakistani blessing, to focus
on a jurisdiction issue of Kashmir; the ten murderers
involved were hailed as heroes by their brothers - it
belies any sense of civilisation evident in their aims.
164 human beings died with at least 308 injured in a
horrendous and randomly insane shooting spree

Were the judges their brethren then all perpetrators 

were children of Islam with valid claims to civic glory;
but greater good came clean - even Pakistan played
the game serving justice to miscreants; when islamic
fundamentalist aims mean denying human decency
the sentence is certainty of sharing death
© 5 November 2013, I. D. Carswell