30 December 2013

a wee fall

Amazing how much difference a wee fall can make; 
like you’re out there, peerlessly doing things in your 
usual manner (as you’ve always done) & - whoops, 
next instant you’re flat on your ass in raw agony 

It is unbelievable - one moment carefree, the next - 
a completely bereft total casualty unable to hold or 
think thoughts clearly - your cries too weak to rate  
an effective alarm on this crisp, clear morning 

It doesn’t end there tho’ - arm and shoulder pain is 
so great you’re three-parts in delirium - nauseous - 
staggering - the World is coming undone; where to 
find relief in this graphic side of ragged grief 

But it gets worse, you teeter back to where there’s 
someone who cares not wishing to pass on all this 
angst; ‘I’m sore - but OK’ is an indulgence shared, 
and blasé lying’s dumber than unfettered crying 

It needs to be surveyed and measured, spanned in  
an ambulance crew stance; their ability repudiates 
anarchy any injury attempts to instigate - with due 
care and consideration - & maybe hospitalisation 

So we end up in emergency where a medical team 
quickly resets the dislocation - pain flees - spelling 
how vulnerable you are to event suggestion & the 
consequences of deep-sourced trepidation 

And you’ve two weeks to come to terms with it … 

© 2 December 2013, I. D. Carswell