29 December 2013

Assuming ‘We’

May well be its proper explanation, there’s 
rarely an answer as clear as to where what 
we’d like to see as evidence becomes mud; 
in an instant a case assumed due certainty 
isn’t and we flounder humbled in a morass 
of evil machinations we’re barely aware of. 
There’s no compensation, not a smidgin in 
now distant horizons the eyes barely see 

What mislead me you ponder. Its assuming 
‘we’ was a docile and precise answer, a too 
simple truth - naturally you’ll quibble who’s 
handle it is, & learn ‘we’ is an arbitrary state, 
you’re rarely in it anyway, until crossing the 
undiplomatic divide into realms of advocacy 

© 5 December 2013, I. D. Carswell