26 December 2013

I Am Writing

It seems watching the 2nd Cricket Test live at 
10:16 AM on a Friday is extreme indulgence -
except I am writing; - you needn’t utter 'some 
people' with rhetorical pause, acerbic shaking 
of head - nor as dramatically leave the room; 
well, okay, I’ll mention it’s a bit slack because 
I could be out mowing that ‘build-up’ of grass 
seen uncomfortably from the sliding door

But it doesn’t forsake your retreat to my study 
and the Netflix TV set installed for your movie 
watching predilections; or does it say - Yeah - 
that’s the difference! So I am placated in one 
sense while castigated in another tho’ as the 
words flow shows - I am actually writing 
© 6 December 2013, I. D. Carswell 

During my ‘relaxation’ Brad Haddin reached
51 and Michael Clarke 101 - AUS 5/371!