27 December 2013


It is brunch day today - the girlies special treat to 
themselves; not to be taken lightly, denigrated or 
made into an ostentatious ceremony, they like to 
celebrate friendship in a sober and rational view
of who they are - been a guest, yes as a male in 
gracious company of a strawberry packing team 
who herald camaraderie with good cheer over a 
glass or two and a country inn style lunch 

They’ll tell a tale or four, tall and without the lear 
one often buys, laugh at innuendo left to its own 
device, smile, hold ten conversations at once as 
a smorgasbord of interplay and repartee but not 
miss a single diminuendo believe me, I’ve been 
there and seen it

© 29 November 2013, I. D. Carswell