12 December 2013

Mentioning ‘X’

when they say - ‘technically’ 
you’re not supposed to know 
about things like this, it’s as 
though you’re breaching an 
ordinance you’ve insisted 
you’ve no knowledge about 
yet are guilty of discovering 
and ignoring in an act as 
innocuously weird as that 

crikey, you reply, if you take 
it so seriously this ‘technical’ 
whatever it is can’t really be 
a secret - whether it is meant 
as such, rumoured to be or 
passed a Turing test I’m no 
danger to divulging anything 
about it as I don’t know what 
the hell you’re talking about 

and that’s when they get too 
serious to be humble; as few 
fallacies have no basis in fact 
and even if one is attached it 
would seem science secrets 
become common knowledge 
we’ve gotten accustomed to 
as ordinariness - and ‘oh shit’, 
excuse me, isn’t an easy out 

so you’re banned mentioning 
‘X’ in any shape, form and/or 
context unless specifically of 
technical origin, which meets 
their gobbledegook definition 
more humourless than listing 
freckles on the back of your 
hand isn’t definitional proof 
of existence - or your hand 

© 14 November 2013, I. D. Carswell