11 December 2013

Storm Season

gimme a break you complain, I don’t need to be 
tested each time I file a discovery; - whether or 
not it is good or bad, energy expended trying to 
work out exactly which takes the thrill away 

scrutinisation today entailed being perplexed a 
bit why the Internet failed to register - even after 
we’d done the reboot sequencing - then the zac 
drops saying reboot the network connect too 

everything falls sweetly in place, you’re back in 
harm’s way and communicating; but there’s still 
niggles relating to why it happened first place - 
so its gotta be a power outage you opine 

checked the registers and fine, yep - last night’s 
thunderstorm and lightening left a signature just 
about everywhere except in our dreams - heard 
the rain though, & dog shivering under the bed 

this morning came clean enough to express the 
confidence vested is purely routine - you’d have 
been much worse put-out it niggardly suggests 
if your mobile phones had no network connects 

now that’s got me worried

© 14 November 2013, I. D. Carswell