08 December 2013


Oh butcher’s crook, Rupert Murdoch - bless his  
purple socks, divorces his wife of 14 years and 
makes National news; by the look of it we’re to 
accept we’re not caring for the sook he always 
was - the wuss who made us cringe before his 
rise into plastic space where if it didn’t exist he 
created it; granted, he’d a way of massaging a 
damp squib to seem a grand Media coup 

Or was it the way we were estranged from the 
truth; newsworthiness is his extreme spoof of 
what actually happened deliriously stated in a 
manner as one-sided as bigoted purviews he 
represents punctiliously - & if it isn’t profitable 
he’d fire editors for not lying mendaciously 

© 20 November 2013, I. D. Carswell