09 December 2013

Pyne's Rule

Cannot say hearing Christopher Pyne raving on AM 
news is the right way to begin a day; - oh, sure he’s 
‘liberal’ Conservative with self-evident views of who 
or what matters like ‘House Leader’ defined foibles 
espoused in how he attacks those opposing him. 

But then mentor Joe Hockey is also his mate, if not 
brother born of the same rhetoric - or debate where 
ad hoc rules are ‘Bishop’ re-defined; so that’s tenor 
of who’s maligned lawfully or prejudged as being in 
breach of a Speaker whose myopia’s legendary 

It will be an interesting session until the balance of 
power is made clear - and even then change could 
be less a penance than a purchase made in haste; 
we’re already regretting waste evident in elections 
where we’re not even sure who represents who 

© 14 November 2013, I. D. Carswell