20 December 2013

Sunflower View

My love for you is a sunflower view possessed, 
an unblinking element of dependency set upon 
ingesting sunrays in an horison-wide smile; the 
eye of it stands erect as motile ears - patiently
upraised in a bower of sunbeam benevolence,  
gently a-sway in breezes of indolence

No artifice in this bed of flowers, no affectation 
to demand more attention - just an honest flair 
of sun-bright colours offset, you could wear the 
green keeping council - the rest gleaming with 
welcome where love suffuses, mantling those 
whose blooms have yet to diffuse into light 

There is my place in this panoply of adoration - 
a stand in a row where the sun claims pride of 
place; and you, object of our reverence, sail in 
sun’s space as we flowers comfortably gaze - 
who can deny rapture attracts scrutiny - and it 
amazes all with eyes to see such beauty 

© 1 December 2013, I. D. Carswell

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