05 December 2013

Upper House

So today’s grizzle suggests we need an ‘upper’ house 
back in our State Parliament, its last edifice abolished
back in 1922, doubtlessly for all the right reasons yet 
the same pretexts for objecting (or supporting it) are 
aired this gum-beating session; nothing's changed it 
seems. Or maybe the anachronisms we elect are too 
selfishly imbued with an eclectic sense of importance 
such that not having it in place, or debated noisily 

suggests they are not as critical to state of ‘affairs’ as 
deliriously believed. Crikey, there’s too many deviant, 
egocentric wastes of space in there already - and you 
don’t need to be reminded where their interests lie, a 
blind man sees in glare of that egregiously dedicated 
self pursuit - you can’t miss its star-like flare 

© 25 November 2013, I. D. Carswell