24 January 2014


There’s ostentation here - an erudite expression 
of what is meant by ‘out of the kitchen’ - but not 
unsullied in cuisine; this beast’s had less than a 
week making accommodation into its complicity, 
even the canine coterie demands lamb chumps 
grilled to savorous perfection - and then served 
with panache in ‘canis’ space beneath its grand 
‘baroque’ statement of an outdoor-table canopy 

A Ziegler & Brown, the basic twin grill where all 
comparisons end drowned from tastes of lamb 
roasted crème de la crème - and that was Day 
One - since then a run on ‘grills’ has been with 
intent, more of a learning curve than contempt 
effacing the verve of culinary simplicity 

© 13 January 2014, I. D. Carswell