25 January 2014


Distressed, why yes a wee bit, maybe 
even peeved if you need know; wasn’t 
exactly a ‘suburban’ cataclysm, that is 
unless lightning struck us all equally 

But an afternoon and evening of drear 
crash & bang & a microsecond outage 
when power flickered briefly - it hardly 
seemed that ominously dreich 

Even a close strike’s thunderous clap 
lacked conviction instantly, should’ve 
blacked out the whole world blasting 
bits off a tree so close to the house 

Didn’t happen, gave us a false sense 
of security; though resetting electronic 
clocks should’ve argued there might 
be potentially fatal internet effects 

Realisation was being unable to logon - 
then the service provider phone call to 
report ADSL failure. But we’re in QLD 
mate, you’re away in South Australia

It’s now Saturday, five days on, and a 
bare resolution. After crap we’ve been 
through it doesn’t surprise Telstra, who 
maintain QLD ADSL links, don’t care 

They’d be keen were we exclusively 
their clientele; as it stands Internode, 
our service provider, barely mediates 
for their indecorous lack of grace 

So lightning erased our wi-fi network, 
among other things - game’s now to 
get back back into the thick of it and 
knitted together as in ‘netted’ again

© 11 January 2014, I. D. Carswell