29 January 2014

Bunchy Top

th’ morning’s treat’s a ‘bunchy top’ inspection 
team’s call, they are on a national gig tracking 
all banana plants infected by this odd disease. 
I’d never heard it - an aphid-spread virus that 
pentalonia nigronervosa’ track plant to plant - 
somehow I can’t call ‘em trees - but probably 
it’s okay in ‘bunchy top’ parlance of this most 
unusual and enlightening day 

to say they were well mannered and pleasant 
reps of the National Banana Grower’s Council 
suggests this project may well succeed; unlike 
Avocado’s administration where making bucks 
determines which effort goes to a licensee, as 
such, growing fat on all that useless rhetoric 

© 29 January 2014, I. D. Carswell