28 January 2014

Indecent Agony

a sight unseen is this indecent agony within - a 
life begins and ends unequally; its too frivolous 
a conception of meaninglessness, fraught with
failures waning beyond cerebral explication 

we’re supposed to see divinity birthed in hope 
explaining wonderment as it is, ‘though hardly 
the belief to put on a fifth pregnancy tragically 
ending in whimpered self-condemnation 

it isn’t the failures we’re rationally assured, an 
analogy perhaps - suggesting maybe random 
events of a vast-scale genetic lottery; but this 
womb is still the truth we will need live with 

the cry why am I being punished echoes as in 
clinical silence too deep to fathom; the plastic 
truth isn’t it - dispensing cure-all commodities 
as a convenience of intense rationalisation 

© 21 January 2014, I. D. Carswell