22 January 2014


Its Christmas morning, we’ve been awake from 
4:00 am; no dramas tho’, an early rise is sweet 
release from angst of broken sleep. Wasn't the 
distractions of Christmas Eve - just a whole lot 
hotter than usual - & tossing about in a bed on 
fire isn’t contagiously embraced with dreams 

We shared gifts this morning, breakfast in bed, 
well prepared for the main event occurring 90 
km away - family gathering where each vies to 
contribute a unique dish, its to keep us on our 
toes. Our offering’s for tastebuds when there’s 
no practical restriction on ingredients 

Simpatico already are prawns in mango, roast
shoulder of lamb opulent in rosemary heaven 
and that indulgent decadence of handcrafted 
coconut ice cream - all resting in eskies on ice 
for the journey, with a car-load of gifts bearing 
consideration of a lifetime of unselfish love 

Tomorrow with no rest we’re off to Bribie to do 
it again - a kindred trial for the familial blessed 

© 25 December 2014, I. D. Carswell