21 January 2014

Seeing Light

after a moment’s pause you know why 
gurus live away from temptation - why 
a solitary existence saves their sanity; 

had they to deal with minutiae second 
by second their brains would explode, 
all good inanely dissipating into dust 

so how do you know comes loudly out 
of left field; it’s where you’re supposed 
to be when you’re thinking aloud - 

must be from a dream you reply - even 
gurus have ‘em, but its why they pride 
themselves on a clear focus 

by not dealing daily with idiocy as rank 
as humanity’s history they can foresee 
more than merely pecuniary motives 

its the self and internal haleness which 
makes anything worth a cent, cure that 
first and you’re almost rent free 

then learn to heed the inner voice - it is 
and isn’t you - for better or worse, until 
you learn exactly who you are 

and when you do closets become open 
fields, skies fill your countenance - and 
you can call yourself a guru too 

© 24 December 2013, I. D. Carswell