13 January 2014

Fractal Peace

it is an outrage - no way this is a natural 
and discretionary behaviour - cockatoos 
don’t need to act like manic anarchists - 
they’re infamous in their thinly tolerated 
peculiarities anyway, recognised by the 
avians sharing their home on the range 
as oddballs with an oafish want to flock 
frequently in social disgrace, thus with 

aided hearing I’m easy prey for raucous 
jeering when, this particular day, twenty 
or more flocked beside my hacienda to 
serenade, irking as I’d almost forgotten 
they can, so I thus blasphemed loudly, 
cease, desist, depart, begone 

their laughter echoed as they flew on to 
new tree lines, squabbling unabated - a 
few overflew continuing to swear at me. 
Crows regained cawing ascendency and 
a kind of fractious peace, as if you could 
agree it was peace - as such - returned 
© 11 December 2013, I. D. Carswell