14 January 2014

Innocent Hour

spending an innocent hour evading the 
artistic issue of whether or not, or what 
to write isn’t unfailingly unjustified, that 
it’s an impasse framed creatively, clad 
in opaque livery cast as pearls from an 
empty mind says ‘looky me - gaucherie 
on the hoof - now y’all wait to see what 
I’ll produce to really entertain yah’ 

you play with the words; it’s habit more 
than its echoes, like an empty can has 
something more than just that rattle of 
self-belief to be revealed - & the larder 
isn’t bare, merely out to lunch and you 
have a key you can use properly 

in a near corner there is an agile mind 
companioned with lavish words too hot 
to handle; you suggest cautiously, we’ll 
take a rain-check - better t’be a wee bit 
circumspect than caught in a censorial 
in-concert rort passing as sensitivity 

© 16 December 2013, I. D. Carswell