26 January 2014


This autonomous rash of benevolence sings louder 
each day, we must be nearing Christmas or there’s 
been a big change without due precedent; goodwill 
doesn’t survive on stale bread and rancid cheese - 
or a diet of Politician’s promises either, or have we
been looking the wrong way seeing the ‘calamities’ 
blindness couldn’t miss as being where good vibes 
used to exist in yesterday’s give-and-take reality 

Mellowing into the Spirit is a pleasure, although an 
acerbic view suggests someone’s paying the piper, 
possibly too much, tunes are familiar although and 
upbeat with feet shuffling easy in trance-like steps 
shopping for bargains in benevolence; and there it 
is, right beside the tree again - with twinkling lights 

© 18 December 2013, I. D. Carswell