02 January 2014

Isn’t A Need

A little less surprised than thoroughly at 
ease with the idea he doesn’t really like 
The Golden Girls - you’ll sit through half 
an hour quite comfortably, while he’ll be 
frazzled at first interval; altho’ refraining 
condemnatory observations politely the 
strain begins to tell so he says maybe a 
book and bed’s the scene for wellbeing 

toddles off gracefully; so we flick to the 
channel we really like, NCIS, bathe in 
character innuendo and improbabilities 
he’d deprecate - and crazy affectations 
where, indeed, if you had to - you’d be 
lost to explain what it really meant 

but you’ve been watching for years, so 
there’s isn’t a need 

© 10 December 2013, I. D. Carswell