01 January 2014

Oliver’s Day

It’s going to be a special day for Oliver 
Harry - he’s turning three on the 8th, a 
magical way to precede Christmas, or 
will he see it ‘entrée’ with a beggaring 
17 day wait to see what’s really in the 
bag; knowing our wee lad has a ‘thing’ 
about spiderman we’ve sent him a set 
of ‘spiderman’ undies for his birthday 

He can celebrate with a down-trouser 
expose to all his mates that Sunday - 
possibly even lend his brother James 
a pair of spiderman sox from birthday 
largesse as a compliment - but those 
amazing spiderman undies - no way 

© 4 December 2013, I. D. Carswell