07 January 2014

Letting Be

Oddly - I don’t see anomalies in letting my dogs 
be dogs - actually I’m not really ‘letting’ them; it 
is a play on words meaning I don’t interfere lest 
so I be judged. So they chase interesting things 
displaying signs only they discern evident. One 
was a goanna (monitor lizard) who dashed the 
length of the dam & scuttled up a gumtree with 
great alacrity & a vocal JRT in hot pursuit 

Hadn’t seen him move at such speed - or heard 
excited yelps expressing ‘young’ dog fervour, in 
ages - he’s way past his youth but there was no 
denying this enthusiasm was real; now we’ve to 
deal with reality, it wouldn’t reveal itself or come 
back down to play - no way, so there all those 

Notions of ‘letting’ ended on the note ‘you can’t 
climb the tree, I’m not going to flush it out, we’ll 
leave it be’ and he pragmatically accepted with 
a cursory glance over his shoulder - we walked 
away still exhilarated by the thrill of the chase - 
yeah, he’ll boast, biggest I’ve ever braced 

© 10 December 2013, I. D. Carswell