06 January 2014

Lead The Way

helpless - that’s one way of saying its a 
wasted case an’ you’re a statistic on th’ 
way t’ an obscure grave; except I’m me 
an’ unused to lacking any recognisable 
notoriety in whatever form - we adjourn 
for a coffee break an’ get back to it in a 
clear frame of mind. Isn’t helplessness 
we’re dealing with - but powerlessness 

now that’s clearer isn’t it, we ain’t got a 
command purview ’n cop all dross from 
the spillage of crap, have to sort ratshit 
from the rest because that’s bottom-of-
heap stance; every way is up you say - 
grinning manically, it suits your mood 

yep, so now we know where we’re at it 
isn’t too weird to redefine our aims, not 
change them to suit the brass hats who 
didn’t expect us to understand anyway; 
we’ll ride as the ‘team’ they never knew 
purely as its about our own protection 

its a dangerous game whichever way y’ 
look at it - like if you take it everyone on 
th’ outside of us is ‘enemy’ we’re sure t’ 
be a whole lot better able t’ see th’ road 
the cheers were deafening, notoriety be 
damned they said - lead the way 

© 9 December 2013, I. D. Carswell