16 January 2014


A stir-fry I was told - no thinking your way 
around it; - we’ve baby corn on display in 
an obvious front seat fridge visits will see 
immediately, and arraigned as ‘imminent 
judgement’ if you try, yet explaining time 
delay between an idea and its execution 
we comfortably live with, ok! Oh - there’s 
also broccoli you’ll be keen to use 

Does it make sense? Otherwise roasted 
chicken - bought on the way home from 
work. Not a case of derogated autonomy 
with intent - no, just an easement - you’ll 
find a way to do the deed properly - food 
preparation is your particular penchant! 

Such explanation’s bereave sanity - if it 
has any meaning; you shelve ideas of a 
tastefully decorated can of chilli beans - 
maybe next week - slide into a reflexive 
mood of acceptance and dream of what 
given the freedom might have meant 

© 19 December 2013, I. D. Carswell